Comments About The Book

"This easy-to-use manual is a beneficial guidebook for consumers of medicine and their advocates. Prescription medicines enhance and save lives. "Knowing Your Medications" empowers patients and their families and, as a result, will help improve the practice of medicine and quality of life."

          Senator Charles Grassley

"In short, I flew through it in record time, a testament to its style, organization, and approachability for almost any interested readership, given its accuracy, message and tone. It should be of great interest and utility to patients, their families, and every American citizen, especially given the economic struggles and choices that the great majority of Americans must make as consumers of healthcare in these times."

          Dr William Hazzard, Geriatrician,
          Editor and co-author of "Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology"

"If you are taking a prescription drug or are concerned about your health, "Knowing Your Medications" is a must read. The drug companies' primary responsibility is to maximize profits, not to provide your doctors with the best possible information or to optimize the health of the American public. These expert authors are on your side: providing the information you need to discuss medications intelligently with your doctor and pharmacist and to make the best health decisions for you and your family."

          Dr John Abramson, Harvard Medical School,
          author of "Overdosed America: The broken promise of American Medicine"

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