About The Book

Welcome to our website for Knowing Your Medications. Our objective is to give you important information about your medications and how you can keep current with the latest safety and effectiveness information with the goal of making you a better informed patient. This information may increase your likelihood of benefitting optimally from the favorable drug effects and/or decrease the risk of suffering unfavorable drug effects.

The book was indeed written to fill the void created by busy health care professionals who don't have the time to inform you fully about the medications they are prescribing.

Our e-Book addresses 59 important questions commonly asked by patients and their families. The questions are general in nature and we do not comment on specific medications. We show readers of Knowing Your Medications how to find up-to-date useful scientifically accurate information about their medications. A few chapters apply specifically to the U.S., but the majority of the information we present is relevant worldwide.

We would welcome comments and questions from you and will make an effort to respond to your questions by email within a couple of weeks. Selected questions will be answered and posted together with our updates. Thus, we want our website to be interactive. However, for legal reasons, we can't comment on questions specific to individual patients such as drug selection, appropriate use and legal issues.

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